Purpose and Profit

This meeting was hosted by the New Zealand - Asian institute of business school of the university of Auckland, the theme of this year is Purpose and Profit.

Purpose and Profit: Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship

Organizers: New Zealand - Asian institute of the university of Auckland

Location: Decima Glenn Room ,the university of Auckland business school

Participants: 100 college students from New Zealand

Main background and issues:

This meeting was hosted by the New Zealand - Asian institute of business school of the university of Auckland, the theme of this year is Purpose and Profit.

The conference was mainly held in two aspects. On the one hand, excellent business representatives from New Zealand were invited to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility. On the other hand, excellent social entrepreneurs of New Zealand were invited to show their social good deeds in New Zealand and China.

 At the same time, participants are encouraged to discuss the relationship between goals and benefits in business and social entrepreneurship through various interactive methods.

Main guests:

Professor of accounting and finance from the school of business of university of Auckland

sustainability manager of Air New Zealand

Digital communications manager, Westpac banking

Manager of the Icebreaker Global sustainability, quality and compliance

Manager of the International Volunteer HQ

CEO of the Borderless Productions

Founder of the GUNG HO! Pizza

The participation of HeyTour:

As one of the sponsors, HeyTour sponsored three gifts for the conference: a backpack made from recycled plastic water bottles, and two activated charcoal filter kettles. The gifts were given to three students at the end of the meeting by lottery.

HeyTour hopes to promote the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development to students and the public in the form of gifts, and encourage people to reduce the consumption of plastic products. At the same time, we fully fulfill our corporate social responsibility by supporting university student activities.

HeyTour is currently leading the preparation of New Zealand Chinese enterprise social responsibility association. Through this meeting, we learned about the CSR project of large enterprises in New Zealand, and further realized the necessity and urgency of promoting CSR among Chinese enterprises. In addition, we have also attracted a number of college students who are interested in this field and will work together with us in the future.

Yang Du, director of corporate social responsibility of HeyTour , participated in the meeting as a representative of the group, and presented gifts to the students.

On the sidelines of the meeting, [Yang Du] and [Ben Brown], [Camellia Yang] ,[Jade Gray] held in-depth discussions to expand the cooperation space withHeyTour in the future.


Pic1: Yang Du with the members of the conference organizing committee


Pic2:The gifts sponsored HeyTour

微信图片_201809201732513.jpgPic3: Meagan Jones, the manager of New Zealand aviation sustainability reported on corporate social responsibility


Pic4: Participants held interactive discussions on the UN sustainable development goals (SDGS)Pic6: Participating students actively participate with the lottery


Pic6: Participating students actively participate with the lottery


Pic7: HeyTour presents the activated charcoal filter kettles to the students won.


Pic8:  HeyTour presents the backpacks made of  environmental protection products to the students won.


Pic9:The organizers have prepared non-plastic bottled water  to advocate environmental protection