New Zealand-New Life: Opening Ceremony of Beijing HeyTour Group Holding Limited

HeyTour Beijing branch, Aug 30, 2018 Grand opening ceremony.



Jacky Mao, the founder of HeyTour, landed in New Zealand as an overseas student, studying and living. In 2005, the company was founded in a 10 square meter office in Christchurch. Mr MAO's original intention was to serve the overseas Chinese, hoping these overseas compatriots could feel the warmth of home in New Zealand as well. He also proposed the New Zealand -New Life concept and founded the New Zealand - New Life research institute as the current director of the research institute.

Company start-up in 2005, after 13 years of unremitting efforts, progress, with the love and supports from the friends from all walks of life, the group became a group of companies based in Auckland and also have four branch which at Christchurch, Palmerston north, Dunedin and Shanghai. This company is a group company integrating education, studying abroad, immigration, real estate, hotel, tourism, consulting, investment and other business sectors which cross industry and cross border.

The establishment of HeyTour the Beijing branch is more like a representative of a connection between New Zealand and China to let more Chinese people understand New Zealand. Decentralizating and de-intermediating from the  of modern information Internet. More realistic and down-to-earth landing in New Zealand, understanding New Zealand, and integration into New Zealand.

The establishment of the Beijing branch of HeyTour also represents that we are building a bridge between China and New Zealand. The establishment of HeyTour the BeiJing branch connects the people in China and New Zealand, shares blessings and happiness, brings pure and high-quality New Zealand to our compatriots in the motherland, and returns the best wishes of our motherland to New Zealand. From studying abroad to education, from immigration to real estate, from New Zealand to China.

Professor KeYuan Xhou emphatically shared his ideas: "service first, pays attention to customer demand, is a important link of modern economic society development". "Modern social economy depends on services, and cooperation can benefit from the best advantages". "In the future, more attention should be paid to service and profit by product quality."

We are always full of confidence for the future development and planning, the childlike heart has never changed. Wed love to help you anytime when you need help in New Zealand.  No matter where you are, when you need help, were here for you all the time.